Istanbul Asian Side Food Tour

Istanbul Asian Side Food Tour

Istanbul is definitey an amazing city with tons of historical sights but what about the real local life ?

Immerse yourself on this Istanbul Asian Side food tour to blend in with and eat just like locals.

Meeting at 14.30 PM
You will meet your guide in front of Kadikoy Ferry Pier. We look forward to having you!
First experience will be a unique Turkish breakfast which is called menemen. This traditional Turkish dish is made of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, cheese, green peppers and spices. It is extra-delicious when served up with some good crusty bread.
While exploring the lively Bahariye Street as real locals do we will give a break to taste some bezes, Turkish-style merengues, in a little patisserie which is in action since 1958.
Mussels and pickle juice in fish market
Walking along the famous bar street of Kadıköy, your guide will be telling stories about the daily life in Kadıköy. Next food stop will be a Kadıköy classic; mussels followed by some fish and bread in the middle of the market. While the fisherman keep yelling around to sell the fresh fish we will be having our pickle juices from a 85 year old store which is only focusing on pickles, nothing else.
Since Kadıköy is center of art, the murals of the town are also must-to-see. We will walk past some of them.
Local restaurant featured on Netflix
We will then taste the traditional Turkish dishes at a world-famous restaurant which was also on air in Netflix’s famous Chef’s Table.
Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee is always best after a perfect meal. The coffee is prepared using very finely ground coffee beans without filtering and it is perfect for the ones who love it strong!
Perfect end with Baklava
Finally, we will indulge ourselves with the famous Turkish dessert; Baklava!


This was easily one of the best few hours we spent in Istanbul. Didem was such a charming and informative host. All the food we tried was absolutely delicious and what made it truly special was the storytelling and history behind every dish, restaurant, restaurant owner etc that was shared. We would have never found these amazing places by ourselves without Didem’s guidance. And she even helped us with other questions in general we had around having a great experience in Istanbul. Brilliant!
August 2022
Didem had excellent insight in to locations that were off the beaten track. Her recommendations for food were spot on. She was considerate with our two young children on the tour and provided useful historical information that was relevant to the food tour. We would certainly recommend her to any foodie visiting this wonderful city.
July 2022
Wow! This was the best tour I've ever done. If you're reading this you need to book this right now and on your first day would be best. Not only does this tour offer AMAZING value for money, you basically get 6 meals, but you also learn a lot about the city and tips for what to do the rest of your trip. Didem is THE BEST tour guide ever! She is a native to the area and has so many recommendations. I recommend doing the morning and night tour with her to maximize your trip! The food at all the stops is included in the tour price. You get a ton of food and as much water as you can drink. See something you love along the way? didem was so kind and flexible letting us stop to shop as needed.
June 2022

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850 TRY

August 2022
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