Get the true vibe of Istanbul on the Transcontinental Food Tour exploring both the brilliant sights around the old city and colorful local life in Asian side. This food and history tour of two continents is probably the best deal for a day in the this amazing city.

The day will start in front of epic Spice Bazaar at 09:30 AM and the first experience will be a unique Turkish pide cooked in old oven located in a historical building which was built in 1888.

Before having delicious doner kebabs in a 50 year old food stall, get ready for a fabulous view at magical Suleymaniye mosque and exploring the incomparable Grand Bazaar.

It will then be time to indulge ourselves with the famous dessert baklava which is actually cooked in Gaziantep and shipped to Istanbul daily.

Next will be the Turkish coffee tasting in the beautiful garden of a 460 year old madrasah. Then we will along the marvellous Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia to get on the ferry.

After crossing the stunning Bosphorus, we will start discovering the chic district in Asian side, Kadıköy. This will probably be your best journey in the city.

While exploring the lively Bahariye Street and bar street as real locals do, we will give a break in fish market in order to taste fresh seafood. While the fisherman keep yelling around to sell the fresh fish, we will be having our pickle juices from a 85 year old store.

Since Kadıköy is center of art, the murals of the town are also must-see. We will walk past some of them before finalizing Istanbul transcontinental food tour by tasting the traditional Turkish dishes at a world-famous restaurant which was also on air in Netflix’s famous Chef’s Table.

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