Istanbul Street Art Walk


Istanbul’s lively local district Kadıköy has a very artisan side as well and Istanbul street art tour is perfect for anyone who loves to discover street art and local culture.

We will meet in Kadiköy Ferry Pier at 14:00 and start discovering the chic district of the city. First stop will be Osmanaga where we can find interesting street arts. Your guide will provide information about the story of each mural. The cosy neighbourhood of Rasimpasa will be our second stop with more colorful murals. We will also be talking about the daily life and the history of the neighbourhood as well.

Later on we will pass through cosy streets and visit the central fish market to have lunch while local people shop for the fresh seafood and fishermen keep yelling around to sell more. This market is one of the liveliest areas in Istanbul and you can easily blend in the local culture.

After the lunch, we will visit Yeldeğirmeni neighbourhood. Yeldeğirmeni is home to many unique murals and also hosts a mural festival each year. It is probably the top spot in the city for murals. While walking around the bustling narrow streets you can suddenly see a huge mural.

The day will be finalized with having traditional Turkish coffee because everything nice ends with a delicious Turkish coffee. The coffee is cooked using finely ground, dark roasted coffee beans without filtering and it is definitely perfect for the coffee-addicts! 🙂

The tour will end in Kadıköy Ferry Pier again so you can either hop on a ferry to Besiktas, Karakoy or Eminonu. It is also possible to take a metro ride if you are staying around the Asian Side.

You can book Istanbul Street Art tour via the booking form above or contact us for more details!